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Repair of GSM displays

Repair of GSM displays

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I. Preparation and protection of the display.

  1. Regeneration with the use of vacuum separators.
  2. Blue laser regeneration.

II. Methods for cleaning separate displays.

  1. Removal of old adhesive layers by mechanical method.
  2. Removal of old adhesive layers with a chemical method.

III. Removal and replacement of polarization layers on the screen.

IV. Overview of how to replace damaged backlight in displays.

V. The method of positioning glass panes in relation to displays.

VI. Methods of display lamination.

  1. Use of a vacuum-pressure laminator.

VII. Overview of the autoclave operation.

  1. Imperfections arising from the lamination processes.
  2. Setting the appropriate autoclave operation time.
  3. Setting the right temperature.
  4. Display types and size.

VIII. Methods of fixing lamination.

IX. Die tester operation.

  1. Checking the operation of the touch.
  2. Verification of displayed colors.

X. Coding of displays.

  1. Use of the programmer JC V1s.
  2. True Tone Features.

XI. Methods for disassembling frames from displays.

  1. Use of the machine Blue laser.


There are no special requirements for participants. Manual skills and basic electrical and electronic knowledge are welcome.

price: 3 800 zł