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Elementary training inthe scope of diagnostics failure of base components

Elementary training inthe scope of diagnostics failure of base components

Elementary training inthe scope of diagnostics failure of base components
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I. Organization of the workplace.

  1. Introduction of elementary issues in the field of electronics, discussing their usefulness in practice.
  2. Outline of the assumptions of protection against electrostatic phenomena - examples of possible failures and their consequences.
  3. Presentation of a properly equipped and ergonomic workplace as a foundation for the work of an efficient electronics technician.
  4. EPA zone - a necessity or an idea of ​​the EOS / ESD Association?
  5. Introduction of names and measurement methods of basic electronic components of the printed circuit board - practical use of a multimeter

II. Overview of the principles of operation and construction of electrical and electronic devices.

  1. Components of electronic devices, principle of operation and their mutual dependence.
  2. Division of motherboards into architectures - contemporary and past producer assumptions.
  3. A holistic approach to disassembly and assembly of portable electronic devices.
  4. Mutual relationality of logic circuits on a PCB - exercises with the use of measuring devices.
  5. Software defects and methods of their identification - open discussion panel.
  6. Diagnostic application kits - what to use and what to avoid.

III. Basic measurements, diagnostics and repair of equipment in practice.

  1. Visual inspection of equipment - the foundation of effective repair.
  2. Basic component diagnostics with testers.
  3. A quick and effective way to fix basic faults.
  4. Identification of basic power lines on the example of various hardware structures
  5. Programming the SPI dice - possible damage variants and types of setup batch.
  6. Principle of KBC microcontroller programming - necessary hardware and conditions.
  7. LCD panel repairs - when we can do them with little time and cost.

IV. Practical exercises in the field of soldering and basic identification of elements integrated on a PCB.

  1. Examination of the plate and preparation for the process of replacing elements.
  2. Replacement of small SMD components.
  3. Replacement of medium and small ICs.
  4. Replacement of large ICs.
  5. Replacement of through-hole elements.


There are no special requirements for participants. Manual skills and basic electrical and electronic knowledge are welcome.

price: 3500 zł

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